When you choose a Social Security Disability lawyer, it’s important to choose someone who knows Hawaii – not someone who flies in from California, Washington or another state.

Hawaiian Attorney helping local resident

Fighting for You When You Need Disability Benefits

Our local attorneys know the judges, doctors and people in the Social Security Disability system around Hawaii. These local contacts play a big role in helping decide your disability case.

It’s important for your lawyer to know these local professionals, but it’s also important for your lawyer to know you. You will meet with your lawyer in person before your hearing to learn about your case and to get to know you. To fully understand your case, your attorney will learn how your health conditions impact your daily life. The more they know about you and your case, the more effective they will be in presenting your case and answering any questions asked by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Hawaiian resident who prefers to work with local attorneys

Beware of Disability Attorneys Who Aren’t Local

Winning Social Security Disability benefits is likely very important to you. The last thing you should do is risk hiring a national representative who may not be an attorney who shows up to meet you for the first time on the day of your hearing.

Choose a local, experienced disability lawyer like Danielle Beaver to help you with your case. Call us today to discuss your disability case.

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