My attorney from day one was very understanding and showed that she cared about me as an individual. This is why I hired her. Every time I called her she responded to me quickly if her voice mail picked up. I was also informed when she would be on vacation and when she would return. She was extremely knowledgeable about my case and was always prepared to talk to me regarding my case and she knew every step that was happening when I called her without her looking into my file as if she had my case memorized. That made me feel special and important. She kept me well informed and every time she sent me mail, she would follow-up with a phone call to let me know what it was about and why. When I would cry, she was very understanding towards my situation and pointed out positive things to help me calm down. When we went to court, she prepared me in advance and she was also VERY prepared in court. Court is a scary place for me and I felt a sense of calmness sitting next to her.