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Get Financial Support for a Debilitating Disease

When muscular dystrophy attacks your muscles, you lose strength and control over your body. It clearly disrupts your ability to work.

And with that, you lose your ability to earn an income. You face extreme expenses getting treatment for the disease. You worry how you—or someone close to you with this disease—will survive financially.

Social Security Disability benefits could be the answer. They come with monthly checks and eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid health coverage. Disability benefits can restore a sense of independence and dignity to someone living with muscular dystrophy.

But you can’t just sign up for benefits. Most people get denied. You have to prove to Social Security—by providing strong evidence—that you or your loved one’s medical condition makes it impossible to function in any job.

It can make a major difference to work with a disability lawyer who takes the time to understand your health problems and your individual claim for benefits. With a disease like muscular dystrophy, every case is different.

At Rosenfeld & Morgan, we’re dedicated to helping people turn disability denials into approvals. We’ve helped thousands in South Bend, across Indiana and in Michigan.

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