There are not enough positive things to say about Ms. Beaver. She is the most kind and caring attorney there is.

She truly cares, and it shows.

Like they say you will have a hard time getting approved for Social Security Disability. And that was no joke. I fought with Social Security for over 1 year before I said that this is enough, and I decided to get an attorney. Like the commercials said, it is a battle getting approved for Social Security. That’s no joke.

That was the best decision I ever made. She was right there standing by me and my family every step of the way, helping me and my family through the process of getting Social Security Disability. I wish I hired Danielle from the start, it would have made our life so much easier. Once I hired Danielle, it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and a sense of relief.

She is one of a kind. She truly cares. Even though my case is settled now, she still takes time out of her schedule to contact me to see how we are doing. That is just amazing.

Save yourself all the stress, grief, and headache dealing with Social Security from the start, hire Danielle.

Thank you so very much Danielle for all of your help and support. You are truly the best!